Yamil Arias, Mixologist


“That’s what México is right now. A tall, colorful, fresh cocktail of all things cool and creative. Our job is to keep shaking it.”

Credited with helping to establish one of the Top 15 bars in the world, Yamil has been instrumental in making the México City bar scene a cradle of innovation: “Respect for culture and traditions, as well as paying attention to new ways of doing things, is a must. That’s what keeps you in the game. But after that, you have to be willing and unafraid to innovate. I believe with every drink I create, I’m putting my name and my country’s reputation on the line. So, it has to be the best ever, night after night. I think this is the attitude we have today in México. Whether you make shoes, tattoos, murals, bikes, or whatever, you know in order to carve a place for yourself in your field, it’s not only about making something better. It’s about making it new.”