Paulino Martinez, Chef & Tortilla Maker


“Take 10,000 years of tradition into your hands, and make something new with it. That’s what I do.”

Paulino had a distinct vision when he opened his restaurant and taqueria: “I wanted to celebrate the life and traditions of México’s pueblos and showcase the entire process of tortilla making. Making a tortilla is such a personal experience. There’s a personal touch to everything we do. From meeting the corn farmer, to grinding the corn, to using our hands to make everything in our restaurant. Casero, or homemade, as we say around here.

“We know the story behind everything we bring to the table. Guests can ask where their chayote (squash) is grown and by whom. We have no menu. Because, when you go to a friend’s house, there’s no menu. You eat what they made that day, and you look forward to being surprised. It keeps the creativity flowing in our kitchen. It’s about making something new every day and seeing our customers lick their fingers. That’s the best compliment for a chef.”