Raul Urias, Visual Artist & Illustrator


“I have my own vision, but I give credit to my ancestors.”

Raul considers an understanding of tradition and culture essential to an artist’s development: “As a Mexican I have a huge cultural legacy, and I’m lucky my country is visually rich. I capitalize on that legacy to create my work, but I’m well aware whatever I create is influenced by those who came before me.

“My influences include European comic artist, Jean Giraud, who created under the pseudonym Meobius, and Ernesto García “The Chango” Cabral, a Mexican artist who revolutionized illustration 100 years ago. I want my work to be an extension of their work, but with my own modern twist. So, I guess it’s fair to say we’re reinterpreting, rather than reinventing. Artists like me and creators in different fields are bringing a modern approach to the traditions of the past. It’s a natural process that happens every few years. It’s exciting to see the same stories being told in a whole new way. It keeps those traditions fresh.”