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In traditional tequila-making, cooked piñas are crushed by a tahona stone to release the juice needed for fermentation. We’re turning tradition on its head by gently squeezing the piñas, carefully extracting the juice to avoid any trace of bitterness from the agave fibers. Before we bottle Mi CAMPO, we let it rest in the same French oak used for aging wine, made by prestigious coopers who craft their barrels for Napa Valley winemakers. It’s our way of melding the maker spirit from around the globe. It also gives us an incredibly smooth tequila.


  • 7-year matured 100% Blue Weber agave sourced in Jalisco, México
  • Piñas are steamed-cooked in stone ovens for 38 hours
  • Natural fermentation using open-air tanks, allowing aromatics from nearby citrus trees to blend with the tequila
  • Fermented with pure spring water from the Volcàn de Tequila
  • Double-distilled in stainless steel stills for more than 13 hours
  • Rested in wine barrels from Napa Valley to create Mi CAMPO’s richer, smoother finish
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