Paul Ortiz Murcio, Guitar Luthier


“In 14 years, I’ve made hundreds of guitars. No two are alike.”

Paul believes adding your own twist to your work is just as important as preserving traditions: “It’s our responsibility to add a part of ourselves to create something never seen before. The experiences collected throughout my life are reflected in my work. I’m originally from Oaxaca, a beautiful state full of artistic expression. I’m inspired by this and try to preserve all the colors and shapes our country has to offer. But then you have to make it your own. You have to let your inspiration take over, respect your vision and add love to it.

“My form of expression becomes someone else’s form of expression—as music. That’s the most gratifying part of what I do, and I understand the responsibility that comes with that. It’s why I’m meticulous about every detail. It matters how tall the musician is. Whether they’re the lead guitarist, second guitar or bass player. Even how they hold the instrument. The more I know, the more I can make the perfect guitar for them. A guitar like no other.”